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``We don't GO natural, we RETURN`` – unknown

This is the mantra of Afro Sense, the belief that natural hair is something that can be worn with pride and confidence. All women share similar hair struggles when it comes to their natural hair...”how do I style it?”...”how do I control the curl?”...”what oils do I use?”...”where do I even BEGIN?!” This is why Afro Sense was established, to educate girls and women from all backgrounds on how to take control of their natural hair. We want to partner with them on their journey so they can experience the stress free way of styling and maintaining their natural hair; it need not be a complex process of home mixtures and miracle oils.

The aim is to provide Afro Sense products that are of great quality and accessible to all women despite their diverse backgrounds, whether they are from the rural parts to the northern suburbs, our products are for them. In doing so, our hope is that we would instil the confidence that they can wear their natural hair proudly in every space. So here's to returning back to your roots with pride!

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Afro Sense products are manufactured for ethic hair of all textures and curl types. Our products are free from sulphates, parabens and alcohol. They are designed to cater for girls and women of all ages.

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